Data & Privacy Policy

Effective date: January 31, 2019

Welcome to InPose (“InPose”, “we”, “us” or “our”). InPose is a platform for sharing fashion content with others. You can wish for products to win them in fashion challenges, browse through different outfits to get style inspiration, and you can upload an outfit to a challenge with a specific fashion theme to compete against others for a prize.

Data privacy is very important to us and the following points lay out how we deal with information that we receive on our website ( and our mobile apps (InPose app on the Apple App Store; InPose app on the Google Play Store), hereafter collectively referred to as “services”.

By using our services, you understand and agree that content that you share with us will be publicly available, because our services operate as a content-sharing platform. Content is defined as images (e.g. outfits, profile picture), text (e.g. comments, tags) and challenges that users create on our platform.

This policy applies to everyone who accesses the service, even if they are not a registered user.


  1. Information that you give to us directly
    1. Your first name and last name, profile picture, and email address taken from your Facebook account.
    2. Your first name and last name, profile picture, and email address taken from your Google account.
    3. Content that you upload (e.g. images) or create (e.g. tags, comments, upvotes) in our services.
    4. Any communication between you and InPose, such as emails that you send to our team or important emails sent from us (e.g. if you won a prize). This includes a copy of your ID, which we require in the case you win a prize, because we legally have to verify your age.
  2. Finding and adding your friends on InPose
    1. You can invite your friends to InPose for example by using the share feature (on the outfit screen).
    2. You can share InPose with others, for instance via text, by selecting a contact from your contact list on your device. You understand and agree that any charges that could arise from these communications are your responsibility, since they are personal invitations that you sent from your personal account and InPose does not have access to this communication.
  3. Analytics information:
    1. We use third-party analytic tools in order to measure user activity, traffic, and usage trends, to help us improve our services. These tools work by collecting information that is sent from your device to our services, such as which web pages you visit, which helps us create more relevant and interesting content and services (e.g. features) for you. We collect and use this information together with other analytics information from other users, which provides us with aggregated data. An individual user cannot reasonably be identified using the analytics information.
    2. We use Google Analytics, which is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics also uses cookies, and users can opt-out of data collection from Google Analytics by downloading and installing a browser plugin ( Further information regarding Google Analytics and associated data protection can be found under:
    3. Aside from Google Analytics, we use other tracking tools to improve our services and to detect and analyse errors, such as Google Firebase Analytics and Mixpanel.
    4. We do not track any data that allows for individual users to be detected.
  4. Cookies and similar technologies:
    1. When you use InPose, cookies and similar technologies (e.g. pixels) may be used to collect information about how you use our services. This helps us improve our services and features we offer.
    2. Cookies or similar technologies may also be found in advertisements from advertisers or other partners.
    3. When you use or visit our services, log file information is recorded by our servers. This includes the type of browser you used and how you used our services (e.g. links you clicked on). This is also done for emails that you receive from us, as this information helps us adapt the content to make it more interesting for our users.
  5. Metadata:
    1. Metadata on InPose includes information that users add to their content, such as tags, but also other types of data, for instance comments on images. Metadata is therefore useful for making InPose searchable and interactive.



  1. Assist you in quickly accessing content and your information once you have signed in.
  2. Remember information, so that you do not need to re-enter it.
  3. Show you content that interests you, such as outfits from challenges in which you are participating in, and marketing content.
  4. Make sure that InPose is working properly, but also testing and improving our services.
  5. Create new features and services and test them.
  6. Ensure that no technology problems arise, and if they do, swiftly fix them.
  7. Measure certain metrics, such as traffic on our services.



  1. Parties with whom we may share your information:
    1. We may share your information with service providers that enable us to provide our services, with third-party advertising partners that allow us to show you advertisements that should be interesting for you.
    2. Your information will never be shared in a way that allows for your information to be associated with you individually. It will be aggregated and parts of the data may be removed so that it is anonymized.
  2. Parties with whom you may choose to share your content:
    1. Information and content that you share on InPose is publicly available. Once you have made content public, others may share it. Other users can also search and find your content, for instance through tags.
    2. If you delete information or content, it may still be present in old pages (e.g. cached pages), or other users may still have it if they saved it.
  3. What happens if a change of control occurs:
    1. In the event that InPose is sold or partially transferred to another company, then your information (incl. name, email address, content) may also be sold or transferred.
  4. Responding to legal requests and preventing harm:
    1. If we receive legal requests for your information (e.g. for court orders), then we may access and share your information. We may also access and share your information to prevent illegal activity (incl. fraud), and to protect ourselves and our users.


  1. Storing and processing your information:
    1. We maintain facilities in the European Union and therefore store and process information under strict EU regulations.
    2. We cannot ensure that information you give to us or that we collect from you will not be accessed, changed or destroyed by others (e.g. federal claims, hacking activity).
    3. In order to protect your account, please make sure that you do not share your personal account information and password with others. If you believe that someone else may have accessed your account, please change your password immediately.


  1. Your account information and profile/privacy settings:
    1. You can change information in your account by logging in and changing your profile settings.
    2. We may send you emails, which are related to the safety of your account (e.g. account verification), or that deal with changes of our services (e.g. technical features, security information), or if you won a prize. These emails cannot be unsubscribed from.
  2. How long we keep your content:
    1. If your account is deactivated or you choose to delete it, we may keep your content and profile information for our audit, archival and/or commercial purposes.
    2. If you want to delete your account, please send an email to


  1. As per InPose’s Terms & Conditions, registered InPose users need to be at least 17 years old. InPose does not knowingly allow younger individuals to register for our services, or tries to receive information from younger individuals. InPose is not directed at individuals under the age of 17, and if we are informed that we have collected personal information from child under the age of 17 without their parental consent, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. Please contact us under if you believe that we have information from or about a child under the age of 17.


  1. InPose is not responsible for practices or actions conducted by other websites or services that are linked to or from InPose. This includes any information or content within other websites or services. If you use a link that takes you to a third-party website or service, our Data & Privacy Policy does not apply to those websites or services. Any actions (incl. browsing) that you conduct on a third-party website or service underlie that website or service’s own policies and rules, even if they have a link on InPose. Following these points, you agree that InPose is not responsible and does not have control over any third-party websites or services that you allow to access content you share on our services. Therefore, if you use a third-party website or service and you allow them to access your content, you do this at your own risk.


  1. You can contact us under if you have any questions related to this Privacy Policy or regarding our services.


  1. We may make changes to this Data & Privacy Policy, so please review it occasionally. We may communicate impending modifications of this Data & Privacy Policy, if they are appropriate or necessary, but your continued use of our services after any changes to this Data & Privacy Policy declare that you understand and accept the most recent version of the Data & Privacy Policy.


© 2018 InPose. All rights reserved.

© 2019 InPose. All rights reserved.